MicroFence UI Design Update

Tasked with designing a more modern and mobile friendly website for MicroFence - an e-commerce site that offers specialty woodworking tools for the discerning craftsman.  The design process focused heavily on a mobile responsive design, designing a UI style guide that reflects the beauty and technical construction of the tools, and working with a web developer to implement the new brand experience.

MicroFence Square mockup

Old UI Design

old microfence homepage_1920px

New UI Design

MicroFence Landing Page
microfence.uwldev.com-(iPhone 6)
microfence.uwldev.com-(iPhone 6) (1)
microfence.uwldev.com-product-edge-guide-2-(iPhone 6)
microfence.uwldev.com-cart-(iPhone 6)
microfence.uwldev.com-magazine-reviews-(iPhone 6)
Microfence Style Guide
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