Trek Part 1: To San Francisco, California

First stop - San Francisco!


I've always talked and talked about wanting to visit some great friends here, but I kept putting it off; something I'm really bad at, as well as getting choked up by the fear of uncertainty. So this vacation was it. I needed to take action, finally and get comfortable with those unknowns. Unknowns of life are part of the adventure, and I'm ready to check out some beautiful sites - you know, 'touristy stuff' - and more importantly create more awesome memories with college friends!


Most of the friends in SF are working for a startup called Handshake - founded by Michigan Tech students. They are doing great things out in San Francisco and are continuing to grow, and it’s going to a humbling opportunity to see what the inside life of a startup culture/environment looks like. Startup life can be pretty crazy and sometimes they're notorious for a rowdy night or two… So there may or may not be a night of crazy fun just like the college days. ?


That’s all for now. I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures of the scenery and post later..



Trek Part: 2: Cimmaron, New Mexico - Philmont Scout Ranch


The main leg of this vacation is out west at Philmont Scout Ranch for a leadership conference - Smarter, Strategic, and Sustainable Scouting!  This leadership conference is to learn the knowledge and techniques to provide effective growth and leadership for boy scout troops.


Scouting has a been a large part of my life, all the way from 7th grade to “Eagling Up” with the eagle scout award in 2010. Camping and learning through the boy scouts was a crucial chapter in my life where I learned valuable life skills and fostered leadership with a growing troop. Many memories were made, and  I want to pay it forward by sharing my experiences and creative perspective with younger scouts. I’m excited about this training opportunity and will provide me with the tools to mentor young leaders to reach their highest potential in scouting!



Trek Part 3: Grand Haven, MI


One last hurrah on the vacation - fly into Appleton, WI and hurry over to Manitowoc for the boat ride over to West Michigan. I'll be meeting up with my mom and brothers to spend a couple meaningful days in Muskegon/ Grand Haven to kayak and possibly take on Michigan adventures with the family (something I haven't done in ages) ... Its going to be refreshing after a hectic schedule of late flights and the red-eye boat ride (1am -5am). Sleep? Who needs it?


If Michigan Adventures falls through, we’ll supplement it with some site-seeing and other recreational activities.




Thursday, July 21

    •      12am: Drive to Chicago
    •      5am CST : Flight out of Chicago
    •      9:30am PST: Arrive in San Francisco, California


     Explore SF

Enjoy time with friends


Saturday, July 23
    •      6am PST : Flight out of San Francisco
    •      11:20am : Arrive in Albuquerque, New Mexico
    •      1:00pm : Shuttle to Philmont Scout Ranch


Saturday, July 30
    •      7am MT : Shuttle to Albuquerque, New Mexico
    •      3pm MT : Flight out of San Francisco
    •      9:30pm EST : Shuttle to Philmont Scout Ranch


Sunday, July 31
    •      1:00am EST : Red Eye Ferry Ride to Ludington
    •      5:00am EST : Arrive at Ludington, MI
    •      7:30am EST: Explore


Monday, Aug 1
    •      7:30am EST: Explore & Kayak
    •      8:00pm EST: Mike Posner Concert in Grand Rapids


Tuesday, Aug 2

    •      8:00pm EST : Ferry Ride to Manitowoc
    •      11:00pm CST : Arrive at Manitowoc, WI